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How to Deal with Ticks on Dogs

Do you see some tiny dark-colored insects crawling in your dog’s fur? If you do, then this blog will be particularly useful for you as here you will know how to deal with ticks on dogs. And if you don’t, then you know what they say, prevention is better than cure! So you should know what to do in case your dog has ticks.

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What is a tick? How harmful can it be?
A tick is a small parasite that survives on the fur by sucking the blood of its host animals. Sounds scary, right? If they are not dealt with properly, they can be pretty scary and lead to skin diseases in an animal and also cause tick fever. It's a type of fever that is spread by ticks and can be really harmful. It can lead to joint pain, loss of appetite, difficulty in breathing, and in some cases, even seizures. Even though they are not invited, they are very common in dogs. Your dog can catch ticks just like how humans can catch lice. 

First, let us see how you can remove ticks from your dog’s fur.

The process of removing a tick consists of 3 simple steps:

  • The first you need to do is grab a pair of tweezers or tick remover and try to pull the tick away from the skin of your doggo. Use can also use your nails for this.

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  • Pull the tick away carefully, making sure that you don’t pull the skin or hurt your pooch.

  • Once that’s done just apply a disinfectant such as rubbing alcohol or Dettol to the wound to prevent infection.

Wondering what to do with the tick now? Flush it away. Do not try to kill it by squeezing it as they can reproduce with their own blood. Just flush it in the toilet or burn it, which is the safest way of disposing of them.  

If your dog has more than one tick, repeat the steps for each tick. However, if your doggo has many ticks, especially the bigger ones that look like raisins we suggest you visit your vet once and ask for prescribed medicine. You can also take your pooch for an anti-tick bath to the grooming salon, or bath him/her yourself with an anti-tick shampoo.

There are ways by which you can prevent the ticks from entering your dog’s coat. Let us look into all the measures that can be taken to keep these little parasites away.

Tick prevention for dogs-

  • Check your dog’s coat regularly for ticks.

  • If you have a garden or a yard with vegetation, keep an eye for ticks. And if your dog catches ticks by playing in the yard, try to keep the dog away from that particular area or you can spray with certain chemicals that kill ticks.

  • Consult your vet and get your dog oral medication to prevent ticks.

  • Spot-on treatment is another way to prevent ticks and other parasites from entering and kill the existing ones too. It is in oil form which repels ticks and fleas effectively for 6-8 months.

  • Tick collar: You can get one for your pooch from any pet store. All you need to do is put it on your dog like a regular collar and it will prevent ticks from entering the coat. However, its effect only lasts a couple of weeks depending on the brand. Check it out here.

    tick collar
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  • Anti-tick sprays. These are very commonly found at pet stores. You can spray it on your dog’s paws before going out for a walk or going to the dog park. Just spray it on and brush the coat. This will prevent ticks from climbing up.

    anti tick spray(PC: HUFT)

  • Anti-tick powders can also be used in similar ways like the anti-tick spray. Sprits it on after brushing the coat once against the direction of the hair-growth and pour some powder. After that, brush the coat as you normally do. This ensures that the powder is spread evenly and not just over the hair.

  • Ridd. It is a form of insecticide that protects the dog from harmful infestation and also heals damage over the skin which is caused due to infestation. 

You can check out some anti-tick products from the Petstreet Store.


To sum it up-

Ticks are very common in dogs and can be prevented with a few measures that every pet parent should know about. The above-mentioned ways to prevent ticks are not too hard to follow and the products listed are also very easily available. Just keep an eye out for ticks as they can be fatal when not taken proper care of. If ever your dog catches ticks, keep in mind the steps involved in removing them and giving them proper disposal.




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