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6 Winter Care Tips for pets

2020 went by quite fast and it's already December, can you believe it? 2020s summer was spent mostly indoors but in the winter weather, we can pay a few outdoor visits along with our pets. 

We, humans, know how to take care of ourselves in the cold weather. We stay warm with appropriate clothing, moisturize our skin, and drink warm fluids. But what about our pets? pets have special requirements too during the cold. And as their caretakers, we need to keep certain things in mind for the winters. Let's have a look at them!

6 tips to take care of your pets in winters

Here are some tips for you to help you take care of your dear ones with brief explanations.

Choose appropriate clothing for your pet

dog sweaters

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Now, this may seem obvious, but making sure that your pet has appropriate clothing on in the cold is very very important. While some pets may be able to keep themselves warm, others aren't naturally able to do so. 

Choose the right kind of clothing for your pet, something in which it'll feel warm and cozy. You can check out some winter clothing options from our PetHub if you have a small pet, from our PupHub if you have a dog, and if you have a cat, checkout PurrHub.

Avoid getting a haircut

dog grooming

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Pets with a long hair coat are able to keep themselves warm naturally, so if you are someone who gets regular haircut done for their pets, avoid it in the winter season.  

Keep changing the water in their bowl

dog bowl

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In cold weather, water tends to get chilled after some time. So in order to make your pet keep drinking water and not get dehydrated in winters, keep replacing the chilled water with lukewarm water.

Arrange for a warm and cozy bedding

dog beds

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Just like us, humans need cozy bedding in winters, our pets too wish for it. And our pet's wish is our command, so to have a warm, thick mattress or a bed that is thick enough to save your pet from the cold floor, is really important.

Check out some really cozy and warm beds & mattresses here on SALE!

Don't over-bathe your pet, dry bath instead

dog bath

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Bathing your pet in winters can be difficult and also, can make them fall sick. To avoid that from happening, use a dry shampoo to give a dry bath to your pet. It's hassle-free and super fast!

Remove the clothing once a day and brush their coat

winter care tips

This step ensures that the fur doesn't get matted under the coat, and also give their skin some time to breathe.

If you're living in a region where there's sunlight in winters, try to do this step in the sunlight so that existing germs are likely to get killed by the sun.

To sum it up

Apart from these tips, make sure you keep your pets hydrated and cozy in the winter season. It is very important that you cater to your pets needs as and when required. But we got you covered with the essential things you need to keep in mind. 

Now go and hug your pet!

Zohan 02/01/2023


Please view the below link for animal care in this winter storm season.

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