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Fun facts: Things you might not know about Rabbits

When we hear about rabbits we get this cute picture of a furry mammal with long and distinctive ears run through our mind. But are rabbits just a cute face with a furry body? Let's find out by looking at some interesting facts about rabbits.


(Image Source: Business Insider)

Interesting facts about rabbits

Rabbits can dig sophisticated tunnels, can grow to weigh more than 20 pounds, and also they use their ears to stay cool. To know more such facts keep on scrolling!

Rabbits teeth never stop growing

rabbit teeth

(Image source: Pinterest)

Did you know that rabbits' teeth keep growing if given a chance to? Just like human fingernails, rabbits' teeth are continuously growing. Since a rabbits diet includes a lot of chewy food items their teeth help them with the munching. 

Their vision covers nearly 360 degrees


(Image Source: YouTube)

Have you wondered why it's so difficult to sneak up on a rabbit? It's because their vision covers nearly 360 degrees which helps them know if someone is coming from behind, sides, or even above them. They don't even need to turn their head!

They can't vomit

A rabbits' digestive system is physically incapable of moving in reverse, which is why they can't vomit. And instead of producing hairballs like cats, they deal with swallowed fur by eating plenty of roughage that helps them push it through their digestive tract.

Rabbits become ready to breed at 3 to 8 months

rabbits breeding

(Image Source: YouTube)

A rabbit is ready to start breeding when it reaches the age of 3 to 8 months only. And once they reach that age, they can copulate for 8 months in a year. So one can say there is some truth to the phrase "breed like rabbits".

Baby rabbits are called kittens


(Image Source: Baby Rabbit care)

Yes! Little rabbits are called kittens and not bunnies. Bunny is actually a cute term given to them which isn't scientifically correct, but it's cute and everyone knows what you mean. Mature males are called bucks, while mature female rabbits are called does.

They can't live off carrots

rabbit eating

(Image Source: HGTV.com)

Even though the cartoons have us thinking that all rabbits eat are carrots, but they like to munch on greens too, like grasses, clovers, etc. In fact, carrots are high in sugar and contribute to tooth decay in 11 percent of pet bunnies. So you should only give your rabbit a carrot as a snack and not a proper meal option.

Other than these listed facts, there are other things that fascinate humans about rabbits. Such as, they are really good jumpers, they live in elaborate tunnels called warrens, their ears help them stay cool, and so on. 

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