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Pet Boarding: All you need to know

If you have a pet and always wondered about pet boarding services and how good they are for your pet, then you’re at the right place.

In this blog, we’ll brief you about the pet boarding facilities provided by various pet service providers.

Basically, a pet boarding service is for times when you have to travel or have your house occupied and you need to send your dog on boarding. The whole point of boarding is to be able to leave your dog at the boarding place so that you can focus on other chores.

pet boarding

(Image source: Pet Palace)

When should you consider pet boarding?

Let us look at all the reasons why you might want to send your pet on boarding-

  • You will be traveling and you can't take your pet along with you
  • You have an event to attend and you don't want to leave your dog alone
  • You or your family is hosting a party at home and your pet might get uncomfortable
  • There are guests coming over who are uncomfortable with your pet
  • There are renovations going on at your house

Different types of boarding facilities

There are different types of boarding facilities available and depending on your pet and your requirements you can choose which one you'd like to try.

Home Boarding

home boarding

(Image source: PxHere)

This kind of boarding is for pets that require the comfort of a home. It's usually conducted by pet lovers who like to take care of pets as a service. 

Some pets are only comfortable in a homely environment which is why such kind of boarding is perfect for them. If you have a dog of a small breed then you can try this type of boarding for him/her.

Indoor/Kennel Boarding

kennel boarding

(Image source: Pinterest)

This type of boarding is for smaller pets that don't require a very homely environment. Many boarding service providers have an indoor boarding setup, such as kennels, crates, to keep the pet inside. 

Indoor boarding is good for smaller pets because they don't need as much exercise and space as larger pets.

Resort Boarding

pet boarding

Resort boarding is for pets that require good activity and exercising space. It's typically for large and energetic pets as resorts have a huge open space like a park where pets can run around freely and enjoy other activities.

Usually, pet resorts have activities arranged for pets, such as playing exercises, swimming, etc. Speaking of pet resorts Petstreet also has a resort for pets in Noida, UP, that has a rain shower booth, swimming pool, huge play area, and indoor kennels. Give it a look here!

pet  boarding

If you have a large pet that needs ample exercise, then you should consider resort boarding for your pet as they will have enough activities to enjoy.

To sum it up

Now that you know the types of boarding you can try the most suitable one for your pet. You should make sure that you visit the boarding facility first and check for basic hygiene standards. Also, talk to the staff there and observe if they have a warm heart towards and know how to take care of them so that your pet is in good hands when on boarding.

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