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What kind of Dog Treats you should give your dog and how often?

Are you guilty of over-pampering your doggo with yummy treats because you just can’t resist the puppy face? Don’t worry, it’s a common crime! However, finding the right treats for your doggo will eliminate any risk to his health because of treats.

dog treats

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Here we will try to brief you about the type of treats that can be suitable for your pooch depending on his needs. The best treats should ideally not just be yummy but also nutritious and health-wise beneficial for your dog. 

Kinds of treats

There are different kinds of treats available for different purposes. Let us look at some of the various kinds of treats-

Crunchy treats 

In this category comes biscuits, cookies, bars, etc. These crunchy treats come in various sizes and shapes and you can choose the ones your pooch loves. These treats can be used for training sessions, rewards for good behavior, and snacking in between meals.

dog biscuits(PC: Wyldlife Pets)

These treats are very common and you can find them in your nearest pet store or online as well, or just click here. Some delicious and healthy crunch treats are- Stekbon Biscuits, Pedigree Biscrok, Crunch Milk Biscuits, Crunch Chicken Biscuits etc.

How often:
Crunchy treats should not be given throughout the entire day. You should give your furry friend about 1-2 crunchy treats in a day.

Soft-chewy treats

These treats are soft in texture as they have a higher moisture content (up to 25%) as compared to crunchy treats. These are also great to be used in training sessions, as they break easily and have a more prominent smell which attracts dogs. Your pooch is likely to enjoy this as a reward after doing well in the training session. You can also give it in between meals.

chewy treat

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Also, they are easy to carry treats as they are smaller in size and you can take them with you when you are traveling with your pet. Speaking of traveling with your pets, check out our Pet Taxi service.

    Check out some yummy chewy treats from the Petstreet store, such as Pedigree Meat Jerkies, Dogaholic Milky Chewsticks, Gnawlers Oat Bones, etc

    How often:
    The technical way of calculating how many treats your dog should eat in a day goes like this- your dog should intake only 10% of overall calories from treats. So, it depends on the number of calories the chewy treat has, and accordingly, you can give your dog the right amount of treats.

    Human food treats

    You can give your dog certain human food items as treats. But before that, you have to make sure you don’t give something that your dog is allergic to. If your dog reacts differently after eating a certain food item, visit your vet and ask if it is something that your dog might be allergic to. To know some common food items that you should not feed your dog, read our blog 8 Things You Shouldn't Feed A Dog.

    dog eating carrot

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    You can give carrots, apples (without seeds), and several seedless vegetables as snacks to your pooch. However, you should totally avoid giving your dog junk food, which is very unhealthy and can lead to several health problems.

    How often:
    Again, the treat intake should only be 10% of the total calories your dog consumes in a day. Count the calories in a treat and you're good to decide on the number of treats you can give to your pooch.


    Other purposes

    Other than these kinds, there are dog treats that are for a specific purpose, such as, dental treats. If your dog has poor dental hygiene, you can consider giving him/her dental treats that are made to cater to a dog’s oral care. These are made with such materials that take a while to get consumed and thus helping in cleaning via abrasive mechanical action.

    dental treats

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    These are some of the popular dental treats that you can opt for your furry friend- Pedigree Dentastix, Gnawlers Dent Defense, Dentalight Dental Bones, etc.

    To sum it up-

    Now that you know the kinds of treats available for dogs and how often you should give it to them, keep in mind that no matter how nutritious the treat claims to be, it is not a substitute for meals. Treats are for various purposes but not to fill your dog's tummy. Now if you're looking to shop for treats, check out a wide range of treats from the Petstreet Store.

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