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Winter Care Essentials: Cats & Dogs Edition

So you are done with your winter shopping, ordered a bunch of warm, cozy clothes for yourself, but wait, what about your cat/dog? What about their winter shopping hoomans? It's alright, you are not too late.

dog winter

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Winters have just started and there is time to get some winter care package for your pooch. We are here to help you out with your shopping process by trying to tell you what all you need for your pets.

Now, every pet has different needs and requirements. What may be a necessity for one can be an optional thing for another. But there are a few things that are required for most cats and dogs. 

Let's look at some winter care essentials for cats and dogs

The essentials also depend on the climate of the area you reside in. For example, Winters in Delhi are different than winters in Mumbai which makes the essentials list slightly different.

Keeping that in mind, let's just get along with our essentials.

Jackets/ Sweaters

This item is quite obvious and known to many but still, there are some people that find it "unnatural" to make your dog or cat wear a sweater. For some breeds, it's not required but for many it is essential.

dog jacket sweater

(Image rights reserved with Petstreet.in)

For dog breeds like Huskies, Saint Bernards, Akitas, which are acclimated to extremely cold conditions, sweaters/jackets aren't really necessary. But for other breeds that aren't evolved to adjust to cold weather, these are really important.

Check out some winter wear for cats and dogs here. Petstreet has a very fun range of winter wear which you can shop for online, as well as, visit one of their stores and check out the collection.


dog boots

(Image rights reserved with Petstreet.in)

It's one of those things that are only essential for dogs/cats living in snowy regions. That is because dogs’ paws have some built-in measure of protection from cold surfaces. But for snow, it is advisable that you make your dog/cat wear some waterproof booties that will help them walk and also protect their paws from getting snow stuck in them.

Mattresses/ Beds

dog beds

Can you imagine sleeping on the floor in winter? No, right? So you can imagine what it would be for your dog/cat to lay on the cold, hard ground. Why not buy a mattress or a bed for your pooch? Petstreet has some ongoing discount offers on beds and mattresses, do check them out! Just click here.

Dry Shampoo

winter kit

Since it gets cold and your dog/cat can get irritated with bathing in winters, many people prefer using dry shampoos in winters to clean their pets. Dry bath can be a very good way of getting dirt out of your pooch's coat. 

We have a detailed blog on dry bath and their uses. Do give it a read if you're interested in knowing the types of dry baths, their uses, and which one can be the best for your requirements.

To sum it up

Like I said in the beginning, your dog can have other requirements in winters and it's on you to understand them. But if you keep these essential items in mind, you can definitely make your dog/cat feel comfortable. And don't forget to give them a lot of cuddles and warm hugs!

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