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Petstreet Taxi


Are you tired of hearing your cab driver crib about traveling with your pet? Do you just want to take your pet along with you without the fuss? Worry no more, we are here for you!
Petstreet offers you the services of a pet taxi which you can book to travel with your furry friend around the country starting at just INR 12/km. You can book the taxi to visit any of the Petstreet branches or travel anywhere in India, we have an All India Permit.  
Why book a Petstreet taxi? Because our drivers are skilled to deal with the furry kind, even in situations that can be sensitive. We know how anxious pets can get while in a car, and face issues like motion-sickness, anxiety, and get confused about their surroundings. Our designated drivers would know exactly what to do in those situations to calm the dog down. We advise our drivers to stop at intervals in between the ride so that the furry passengers can have excretion breaks. They don’t mind stopping again and again and are rather patient and loving. Also, they will be gentle all through the ride no matter what. The pet taxis would have yummy treats to keep the passengers entertained and enjoy their ride.

Pro tips to avoid motion sickness for dogs:
  • Go for a long walk before driving to decrease their energy levels
  • Don’t feed them right before their ride
  • Carry some treats to distract and relieve stress

    Fare details:

    Starting from just INR 12/km

    (Fares depend on the choice of car, type of fuel and tolls)


    How to book a Petstreet Taxi?

    CALL/WHATSAPP ON +91 7982356066

    or click on the WhatsApp/Messenger button on the bottom of your screens.