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Pedigree Puppy - Chicken in Gravy with Chunks

Pedigree Puppy - Chicken in Gravy with Chunks

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Pedigree Puppy - Chicken & Liver Chunks in Gravy with Vegetables is a wet food for puppies. One can easily feed it to your canine companion to keep them happy and healthy. It has high-quality ingredients and the nutrition that they need. You can also add the Pedigree Gravy to dry pet food or home-cooked food to serve as their meal. Let this food be part of their daily meal so that they will have something to get excited about every day!

- Wet dog food
- Greater variety of texture and flavour
- Tempting aromas and taste for picky eaters
- Reduced risk of stones

Whole Chicken Frame, Chicken Liver, Wheat Gluten, Gravy, Chicken Meat, Carrot, Pumpkin, Soybean Oil, Minerals & Vitamins, Fibre, Flavouring Agents, Colouring Agents, Preservatives