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Sera Red Parrot - Color Enhancing Granules

Sera Red Parrot - Color Enhancing Granules

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Make your fish bright and beautiful by feeing them Sera Red Parrot - Color Enhancing Granules. The krill and haematococcus algae promotes color development, ensuring your fish is shinning bright in the aquarium. The granules hold their shape and will not pollute the water.

• Product Type: Fish Food
• Optimizes your fish's color
• High quantity of Krill and Haematococcus algae supports color enhancement
• Does not pollute water
• Recommend to feed several times a day, but only as much as the fish can consume in under 3 minutes
• Check for possible allergens
• Consult your vet before altering your pet's diet
• Always keep fresh water available for your pet

Gucci Gyaan: Sera Red Parrot - Color Enhancing Granules will benefit Parrot cichlids (and other colorful fish) the most.

Ingredients: Fish meal, corn starch, wheat flour, wheat gluten, wheat germ meal, brewers yeast, spirulina algae meal, fish oil (containing 49% omega fatty acids), Haematococcus algae (0.5%), krill, mannan oligosaccharides (0.4%), herbs, lucerne meal (alfalfa), stinging nettle meal, parsley, green-lipped mussel meal, sea algae meal, paprika, spinach meal, carrots, garlic