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Sheba Deluxe - Tuna & Prawn in Gravy - Can

Sheba Deluxe - Tuna & Prawn in Gravy - Can

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Sheba Deluxe - Tuna and Prawn in Gravy will leave your cats begging for another serving. This delicious food contains real tuna and prawns, and has a high level of protein to fuel your cat. There is a high level of vitamins and fatty acids which help keep your cat's fur smooth and glossy. Let your adult cat enjoy this yummy treat, in addition to a nutritious dry kibble.

• Product Type: Wet Cat Food
• Real pieces of tuna and prawns
• High in fatty acids and protein
• Recommended 1 - 3 cans daily for cats weighing under 3 KG
• Recommended 3 - 5 cans for cats weighing between 3 - 5 KG
• Check for possible allergens
• Consult your vet before altering your pet's diet
• Always keep fresh water available for your pet

Gucci Gyaan: The high mineral content in fish helps keep your cat's heart healthy. Prawns are an excellent source of Vitamin D and known to help prevent blood clots.

Ingredients: Tuna, Prawn, Thickening Agents (Modified Starch, Guar Gum)