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Travel essentials for pets: All you need

Are you thinking of traveling with your pet, but are unsure about the products that you’d need? Here’s a list of travel essentials for pets to ease your work!

Before traveling make sure your pet is comfortable with traveling by whatever medium you are going to choose- by air, land, or sea. And choose the medium he’s most comfortable in if you can so that the journey is easier. 

Let’s look into some essential items you’d need to travel with your pets-

Sufficient food and water

dog food

This is so very important. You should never NEVER travel with your pet without sufficient food and water for the trip. In fact, you should keep some extra food only just in case your trip gets delayed.

Travel bowl & Water bottle

travel dogs

Now that you've carried food and water how are you going to give it to your pet? Drinking and eating can be a real task while traveling which is why there are special bowls and bottles for traveling pets.

You can carry a water bottle for your pet like this one which will make it easier for your pet to hydrate. And a travel bowl like this one for your pooch to enjoy its meals properly.

A harness/ leash

If you have a dog or a pet that can be confined to a leash or harness, then you must carry one for its safety. You never know while traveling what your pet sees and gets anxious over, in such a scenario you can be able to control them with a leash or a harness. 

Looking for a harness or leash for your pet? Click here and check out the amazing range of leashes and harnesses we have for your pooch.


dog treats

This may seem like a not-so-important item but trust me it is! Treats can be used for multiple purposes. If your pet is getting uncomfortable and needs a distraction, you can give them a treat, if your pet is behaving well and you want to give it a positive reinforcement, give a treat!

And generally also you should appreciate your pooch by giving them yummy and nutritious treats. Check out some delicious range of treats here!

Crate/ Travel Bag 

travel bag dog

When you're traveling by air, having a crate for your pet is essential. Without it, airports would not allow your pets to travel with you. Other than that also you can use a crate when you're taking your pet along with you.

Since in a crate your pet is confined to a space, they are safe and secure. But it's also advisable to take your pet out of the crate every now and then (if you can) so that they feel comfortable.

A travel bag is a bag that can have all your travel essentials for your pets inside it. There are special travel bags made for dogs and cats wherein you can the necessary items and carry them around.

The fun thing about travel bags for pets is that you can carry your pet in it too! But it's possible only if your pet is not very large. So a toy pom or a cat can fit perfectly in a travel bag.

Favorite toy/blankie

dog toy

If your pet has a favorite toy or a blankie, then you should carry it with you so that they feel more comfortable. It can make them feel connected to home somehow and can also reduce stress or anxiety.

Paper Roll, Poop Bags & Scooper


While traveling your pet is gonna' want to poop and you should be prepared to clean it up. These items- paper roll, poop bags, and scooper will help you manage the whole situation efficiently and without creating a mess.

You can check these items out here. Seems like Petstreet is a one-stop destination for all your pet's needs, right?

To sum it up

These were some of the items that are essential for traveling with your pet. If there is something else that makes your pet feel comfortable, make sure to take it with you as well. Our focus while traveling with our pets should be its comfort. Oh, and don't forget to give your pet lots of love while traveling, it's one thing they'd enjoy the most!




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